LitDaBa 4 - Client !!!
is a complete new development
based on modern framework technology.

This front-end client program works in combination with our new back-end LitDaBa web server

The database on the LitDaBa web server is always up to date and provides the inquired citations to the front-end program

The LitDaBa database has been developed for more than 10 years now and contains more than 110,000 citations of herpetological literature.
  There are several ways to search the database. You can make use of predefined filters checking for magazines, regions, and countries

You can also search for upt to 3 different terms (disjunction) in the fields of the database.

The output (list display) of the results can be sorted in several ways to get the records you're looking for.
In addition to the normal list display you can always switch to form display to see more details of a record.

Alongside you will find all information you need to order the paper